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“Success in the military 

is color blind”

by MSC/SS Martin CJ Mongiello, Commander Submarine 

Group Seven Public Affairs Officer



Text Box: Captain Jose R. Corpus is the Chief of Staff for Admiral Joseph J. Krol at Submarine Group Seven in Yokosuka, Japan.“When I was a boy in Quezon City, Philippines I studied Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal and General Emilio Aguinaldo – but I never thought I would become a hero to other Asian-Americans” stated Captain Jose R. Corpus recently during aninterview.Captain Corpus has recently been chosen by the Washington, DC based Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) to receive their year 2000 Meritorious Service Award.He will be presented with the award in Americas capitol on May 10th.

Born in 1954, Captain Corpus grew up with a proud Asian heritage and influences.His family would later move in 1968 to Seattle, Washington.He performed so extremely well in Seattle’s Ingraham High School that Congressman Joe Pritchard nominated him to attend the United States Naval Academy.His family was elated and overcome with joy as he left in 1973 for college and a bright new career.

Today, the Captain has gone quite far.As the highest-ranking US Filipino-American naval officer he details his education and life with calm accord.“My thinking has always been that success in the military is color blind,” stated Captain Corpus.He further added “My life in the US Navy has seen the encouragement of multiple cultures, the reflection of America itself and the fact that as you look at the Navy today you see the faces of many Asian minorities.”With China, India and Indonesia topping the list of populations and Japan’s financial strength felt internationally – Asian-Pacific economic, military and peace relations are more important than ever.“The expertise that Asians bring to the table, via their backgrounds, in their service to America and the Navy is invaluable,” explained Captain Corpus.

Text Box: Captain Corpus first service to the fleet was on USS RAY in 1977.The FAPAC annually recognizes only one individual, worldwide, in the Armed Forces.Captain Corpus is noted for his recent speeches at the first-ever-Multicultural Fair, Philippine-American Society Ball and to the Tokyo Navy League.He has acted as a superb statesman in support of and in engaging the Japanese, Korean, Australian and Singapore submarine navies.He has made significant and distinct contributions in the area of Equal Opportunity throughout Asia.